100% of all testers confirm easy handling

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Beauty products not only have to be effective, but also practical and pleasant to use.

That is why the SlimCOOL practical study did not only measure. Besides the “hard facts”, it was important to find out the “soft facts”. The practical study therefore also asked how the activation with water was, whether the cooling temperature was pleasant and how it felt to wear.

Here, too, SlimCOOL performed very well.

The handling, activation with water, etc. was rated as very good by all testers.

Of course, they were also asked whether the cooling temperature was pleasant compared to ice, etc..

Here, too, 88% of the participants rated it very positively. They found the cooling pleasant.

Conclusion SlimCOOL: Simple, practical and effective!

Another important piece of information:
It is always important to feel comfortable with cooling. As with calf wraps:
Feet must always be warm. simply put on your favourite cosy socks when using SlimCOOL Cooling. If you are sensitive to cold, it is possible that the temperature regulation via brown fat does not work so well for you and therefore SlimCOOL cannot work optimally. If you are unsure whether SlimCOOL is the right method for you, then ask your doctor to be on the safe side.



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