COOLING MAKES YOU SLIM – Sport and diets are (not) an option

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Sport and diets are (not) an option

Of course, sport is healthy and fun for many people. A fasting cure is also certainly an interesting experience for some people and of course has its health justification.

What has always bothered us about it is the compulsion.

You HAVE to do sport and you HAVE to starve yourself. This MUST kills any enjoyment and also the fun of exercise.

If I want to do sport, then it’s because it’s fun for me or I can meet friends or switch off, or, or,……

But not because I HAVE to.

That was also one reason why we liked the theory on “brown fat” so much. You use a completely normal mechanism of the body to burn fat and only go to the gym when you feel like it.

Enjoy food

It is similar with diets. If you can believe the nutritionists in this field, some diets do work as long as you do them, but afterwards there is usually – now even scientifically proven – the yoyo effect. We at pervormance international simply like to eat far too much to be made to feel guilty all the time.

That’s why we are infinitely grateful to the scientists at Harvard Medical School. But of course also to the many other doctors and researchers who, in the meantime, have published studies on this topic independently of our own developments, thus giving many people the chance to get their figure under control even without yo-yo dieting or MUST exercise.

So where do we find brown fat and how do we get more of it?

Adults normally have very little brown fat, about a cupful. This amount is distributed over several areas and is mainly located in the neck region above the collarbones, from there towards the shoulders, along the spine and on the sternum. As the body gets cooler, more brown fat forms there.

“Estimates suggest that 50 grams more brown fat would be enough to increase an adult’s energy consumption by 20%, says Stephan Herzig of the DKFZ in Heidelberg.

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) has done the math: “One estimate shows that the metabolic activity of 60 to 130 millilitres of adult brown fat tissue at maximum activation is sufficiently large to ensure the melting down of about four kilograms of white fat tissue.

So let’s produce brown fat!



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