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Where is the best place to cool and how? The application is quite natural and really child’s play.

According to scientific research, the areas of the body where brown fat is localised are on the shoulders and neck, as well as the sternum and the sides of the upper part of the spine.

By cooling with the SlimCOOL T-shirt and the SlimCOOL neck scarf, you reach exactly these areas. In addition, some scientists believe that the broadest possible cooling is beneficial, which is why the T-shirt also provides cooling over a wide area of the upper body.

This makes cooling quite simple:
Activate the T-shirt and scarf briefly with water according to the instructions, roll up, dry off – DONE. To achieve an even stronger cooling effect at the beginning, you can place the products in the refrigerator for an additional 30 minutes. Normally, however, you can do without – depending on your comfort temperature. Because with the high-tech COOLINE SX3 material in the SlimCOOL products, you can achieve up to 660Watth/l evaporative cooling and temperatures of a pleasantly cool 4-6°C less on the skin. Really COOL!


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