Dr. Kunzi-Rapp empfiehlt SlimCOOL

An excursion into research and science on the topic of brown fat

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A prominent visit to pervormance in Ulm.
Dr. Karin Kunzi-Rapp from the AREION health centre met with us to discuss the state of science and the theoretical approach in the field of BAT (brown fat).

How valid is the scientific data in the field of BAT (brown fat)?

Dr Kunzi-Rapp:

I was honestly impressed. Normally there are only a few publications on a new topic and these often come from a single source.  The large number of studies that always showed the same results and came from different universities or scientific institutes worldwide convinced me.

In addition, we did our own research, which was also largely positive.

Brown fat is definitely suitable for breaking down white fat and is activated by cooling. This has been shown in many studies worldwide.

Is it at all proven that brown fat is positively influenced by cooling textiles?

Dr. Kunzi-Rapp: That is also a phenomenon about this topic. Actually, all researchers are interested in finding out the mechanism behind the “brown fat theory” in order to develop a drug. Of course, this promises higher profits because the result can then be sold to the pharmaceutical industry. This is precisely why Harvard Medical School at the Joslin Diabetes Center tested various active substances such as ephedrine. Also in comparison to cooling. This was then carried out in the laboratory with a pump-driven cooling waistcoat. The surprise: the only procedure that actually activated brown fat was cooling.

Could you also show this with the SlimCOOL products?

Dr. Kunzi-Rapp: Of course it is important to achieve temperatures with the cooling method that ensure that the brown fat is actually activated. We have been able to show this with the SlimCOOL products in the first test subjects. Through the natural evaporative cooling of the products, but also with pre-cooling, the circumference of the abdomen and thighs could be reduced.

What does this mean for the right cooling strategy for figure improvement?

Dr. Kunzi-Rapp: The advantage of the method is that it is independent of time and place. You don’t have to make appointments, but simply divide up the cooling time yourself. With 30-60 minutes every 1-2 days, the effort is also very manageable. In addition, the products such as functional sportswear are affordable and you can take them with you wherever you go.

What do you have to keep in mind about cooling?

Dr. Kunzi-Rapp: The wish of many people to avoid exercise as much as possible when losing weight has become reality through the topic of ” brown fat”.

In order to achieve effective cooling, one must not sweat. Otherwise there will be no activation or even new formation of “brown fat”. So “do nothing” and “no sports” are the prerequisites for an effective cooling effect.

People who are more sensitive to cold should also make sure that their feet stay warm. This is like calf wraps. Simply put on socks. People who are not sure whether cooling is right for them should also ask their doctor.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to improve their figure with SlimCOOL?

Dr. Kunzi-Rapp: The theory has been proven in the practical study and can be done easily and effectively with the SlimCOOL products. Of course you have to do it and keep at it. But it is much less effort than going to the gym.

Nevertheless, sport naturally has a positive health effect and healthy eating is also important. So the cooling principle is an excellent complement.


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