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Bestselling author and expert on BAT Professor Alexander Bartelt on the previously unknown topic of brown body fat.

Brown fat cells in our body are different from the white fat cells we all know, which can make us fat and sick.

Brown fat cells help us lose weight and have a positive effect on our metabolism and health. These fascinating cells can convert excess calories into heat. That is why researchers worldwide are on the trail of the secrets of brown adipose tissue.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bartelt is a pioneer and leading scientist on the subject of body fat. With his research, the biomedical scientist shows what we need to do to activate the good fat, thereby becoming healthier and reducing weight, and also what diseases it could be used for.

Latest research results

The book “Der Fettversteher” explains all the latest research results in a clear way: The correct use of brown fat not only reduces overweight, but also prevents metabolic diseases such as diabetes as well as atherosclerosis (deposits of fat and calcium in the arterial blood vessels).

Der Fettversteher” is a basic work on the subject of brown body fat. The book is available for Euro 16.99 in bookshops or in the SlimCOOL Shop at

(Source: Ullstein Verlag, Berlin;

The author

Alexander Bartelt, 36, is a biochemist and molecular biologist. He is Professor of Cardiovascular Metabolism at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and head of a junior research group at the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research. The aim of his research is to understand the molecular basis of obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis. He holds a PhD from the University of Hamburg and worked on new mechanisms of action of brown adipose tissue at Harvard University, USA.


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