BUM-TUM-LEG – Everyone can cool individually where they like it best

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The first tests with our SlimCOOL Waistbelt have also shown that the cooling on the belly alone has already had positive effects on the skin’s appearance and texture as well as on the circumference.

Who doesn’t know the situation that you have an event in 2 weeks and you don’t really fit into the dress – at least not without holding your breath.

Here, 1-2 cm already help enormously.

But this also applies to the appearance of the upper arms, buttocks and legs. Instead of belly-legs-buttocks gymnastics, we simply cool these areas. Even if this also activates the BAT centrally – we are happy to accept that!

Simply activate with water according to the instructions in seconds, dry off, get dressed, DONE.

3-4 times a week for about 1 hour each time and you will see the first effects after a short time.

We recommend 2-4 weeks of use and for even better results 4-6 weeks. This is also possible on the road – in the hotel, on holiday, in the office,…


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